President's Message

Dear APPNA Oklahoma Members:

It’s an honor for me to serve as the chapter president for the years 2020-21.Appna Oklahoma remains one of the more vibrant and active chapters in the nation and continues to thrive on the energy and participation of our esteemed members.The executive committee’s aim is to continue the vision of the founding members of the chapter and the legacy of the past leadership.We value our high standards of financial transparency and communication and will strive to further enhance and improve our processes.The fellowship of the members and positive healthcare impact on our state and country remain the objectives of the organization.

Finally myself and the executive committee members would like to thank the membership for their continued support and value their input and guidance

Appna Oklahoma rocks!
Muzaffar Saleemi M.D
President APPNA Oklahoma Chapter


Dear Members,
The APPNA Oklahoma Chapter 2019 membership drive is underway. You will first need to register at the this website (even if you registered previously at the old website). To register, please click on MEMBERS tab and then click on JOIN APPNA OKLAHOMA. Kindly register yourself and pay your membership dues at your earliest convenience.
The Executive Committee
Dr Muzaffar Saleemi, President
Dr Faisal Wasi, President Elect
Dr Adnan Altaf, Secretary
Dr Rabeeya Nusrat, Treasurer
Dr Tauqeer Ali, Immediate past President

Upcoming & Recent events

Annual CME Event & Banquet


Annual CME and Banquet

November 7,2020



General body meeting

February ,23 2020

Executive Committee

Muzaffar Saleemi, MD

President 2020-21



Sumbal Nabi, MD


Fuad Hassany, MD


Tauqeer Ali, MD

Immediate Past President